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5 Places You Can Travel to in the UK for New Year’s Eve

Everyone is eager to see the year 2020 off quickly. The Coronavirus pandemic has shaken the whole world and the UK has had its share of misery. None less than the Prime Minister himself contracted the virus and had to be hospitalised. The prolonged lockdowns and distancing norms have meant many businesses have shut down for good or struggling to survive. New Year’s Eve is often a time when people would want to be away from their homes and forget the troublesome year. Where would you want to be on December 31, 2020? Here are five suggested destinations you may find interesting. The COVID-19 related norms may still be in force. You must check the details before leaving for the trip.

  1. Join the Party for Hogmanay at Edinburgh: The capital of Scotland has maintained its tradition of New Year’s Eve celebrations better known as Hogmanay locally. The place will be undoubtedly cold, but that doesn’t deter the city’s population from flowing into the streets and having fun to usher in the New Year. You shouldn’t miss the fireworks and the lilting music that is played throughout the evening and the night will mesmerise you. Plan the trip with your family.

If you are a little adventurous, you can try the swim in River Forth. You will have to book your accommodation in advance since the demand could be high. This year things may be different. However, you cannot afford to take chances.

  1. St Ives, Cornwall: Any list of places to celebrate New Year’s Eve will be incomplete without St. Ives, Cornwall. This coastal town has built a formidable reputation for itself as a destination you should compulsorily visit. New Year’s Eve events are witnessed as street celebrations in many cities across the world. It’s no different in St. Ives as well.

However, the variety of costumes you get to see and wear here is unique. There are charities selling you the costumes. It’s like a fancy-dress event. You can have an early dinner at the place of stay unless you have made a prior reservation at one of the restaurants. You can go out in the costume you like and take your position in one of the joints, order a drink and just watch the crowds filing past. Close to midnight, you can join the crowds and enjoy the fireworks as New Year dawns.

  1. Lake District: One great place for a perfect getaway on New Year’s Eve is Lake District in North West England. The celebrations in Lake District may not be of the same scale and noisy as in the other parts of the UK or elsewhere. The fireworks are certainly there and you will enjoy the sights in the night sky. However, rather than gathering in large numbers on the streets, families gather indoors, relish each other’s company and share drinks and food. If you have booked your stay at one of the reputed hotels in Lake District, they organise shows and music and parties for the guests.
  1. Dublin, Ireland: The Irish capital, Dublin, is another fun place to be in for this New Year’s Eve. Custom House in the city is where the best partying takes place. The laser show and the heart-filling music with DJs et al Dublin’s New Year party draw crowds from all over. Food is another huge attraction in Dublin. The restaurants, big and small, come out with their best for the occasion. You will not get tired of trying out the dishes one after the other. You should also try street food here.
  1. London: The capital cannot be ignored for its New Year’s Eve celebrations. With the atmosphere on the banks of the River Thames and the midnight chimes of Big Ben filling the air, the experience is just out of this world. The thousands that gather here will lift your spirits. This year’s festivities may be quite subdued or even cancelled by the authorities to avoid any risk. However, people in London may still have their New Year celebrations in different pockets.

The ushering in of 2021 may not be like any of the years gone by, primarily due to COVID-19. You can take a call on how you want to celebrate it and where to go for the occasion.

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