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Some Creative Things You Can Try At Home During Lockdown

The continuing impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown imposed by the Government has put a lot of stress on people. If you go by the reactions from across the country, you will notice that many people found the lockdown quite comfortable to start with. They could spend all the time at home, save time commuting to and from work and so on. However, as the lockdown continued or was reintroduced, a sense of boredom and frustration took over. Those living alone perhaps felt is more acutely than the others. What can you do to keep your spirits up in the lockdown? Can you do something creative? Here are some suggestions.

Learn Something New

The internet has opened up all kinds of possibilities for you. You can spend your time at home using the internet to learn something new. It can be a new language that you had wanted to learn and that can be useful in your life and career. Alternatively, it can be a new skill like singing or art such as drawing or painting. The important thing is you should have some inclination towards the new skill you are trying to acquire. You should also be able to do a thorough search online finding out the various options on tap and which one is the best.

You can visit review websites where other people would have shared their experiences. You have to find out the cost involved as well. Do you have the money to spend on this course? Once you are settled with these, you can start the process.

Hone Your Photography Skills

This may not cost you a lot if you like clicking pictures. If you own one of the latest smartphones with powerful cameras and software features to edit the images, you are set for the game. You can start by clicking interesting things at home. If you have a balcony or a terrace, you can spend time trying to click long-distance shots (without invading someone else’s privacy). Photography can be an immersive hobby and gives a lot of satisfaction of having created something new.

Get Creative with Your Cooking

Many career-oriented people would not have had the time to spend time in their kitchens. Men living alone can use lockdown to learn to cook. It may be tough to begin with. Women can expand their culinary skills by making new dishes. YouTube videos can provide ideas and recipes for these trials. Make sure your people are willing to eat what you have cooked. Otherwise, it may get wasted.

How About Writing?

With the advent of computers, most of us have lost the habit of writing. Writing is a very useful habit to have. You can try writing a novel, short stories or poetry. They help to collect your thoughts and the lockdown can help in providing some uninterrupted time for you to indulge in creative thinking. Your work may fetch you some pounds if you choose to publish it.

Are You a Techie? Why Not Create an App?

Those with knowledge of coding can think of creating a new application. You will need to think creatively to decide what you want to work on and once you have the idea, you can start working on it. Doing this is a lot better than whiling away the time playing video games. Again, if your app is good and useful, you may end up earning some money if it is accepted by the Play Stores. People will download and use the app and you can find ways to monetise it.

Teach Others

It is not always necessary to be receiving something. You can give. If you have the skill or knowledge about a subject and can teach it to others, it becomes a useful and creative activity. You can log on to the relevant sites that list the skills people are seeking online. You can offer your services. The website may have online tests to assess your skill levels and if you pass them, they will assign you tasks.


Lockdown can be frustrating at times. You have to come up with the best ideas to keep busy and if you can do something creative, it will add value to your life and can also help you earn some extra income.

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